Where you can get mental health support in Macon

The Southern Center for Choice Theory offers courses about choosing peace, drum circles and more.

MACON, Ga. — It’s Mental Health Month in Macon-Bibb County, and 13WMAZ wants to help you find some places to get some support if you need it.

The Southern Center for Choice Theory offers a free drum circle once a month. It’s part of the center’s efforts with Macon Mental Health Matters to provide mental health support to folks who live in Macon-Bibb.

“They’re fun and relaxing, and you get to be around people,” Rhonda Pierce said.

Pierce, who has never missed a session, has lived in Macon her whole life.

“I think it’s about three years we’ve been doing these,” Pierce said. “It’s good for your mental health too. To improve your mental health. Because it relieves stress and anxiety and all.”

Gloria Cisse, the center’s lead manager, says drumming brings people together through music, and helps to build a network of those who can help you through any struggles.

Cisse says the first time they held a drum circle, they drummed for four hours. At the end, she says she noticed she wasn’t as stressed. She says there’s a scientific reason for that.

“It is absolutely important to mental health,” Cisse said. “There’s research that says it actually improves your brain functioning when you drum.”

The center hosts the drum circles the second Sunday of every month, or as needed. The next one is June 12th at Brookdale Resource Center.

If you need a little help, the center offers a knitting and counseling support group, visual journaling courses and also sessions about choosing peace over violence.

Cisse also stresses it’s important to find a therapist before you really need one, so you can talk through anything you’re struggling with.

She suggests River Edge Behavioral Health at 175 Emery Highway in Macon, or the Southern Center for Choice Theory at 411 Holt Avenue.

Macon Mental Health Matters has initiatives that encompass mental health counseling, as well as financial counseling and non-traditional mental health activities like pop-up gyms and drum circles.

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