Watch: Milind Soman doing tree pull-ups will motivate you to get fit

Milind Soman is a certified fitness aficionado. The 56-year-old posts interesting videos on social media, motivating people to get fit. Interestingly, his workout sessions do not involve too many props and are easy to emulate.

So, what happened when he recently worked out using a tree as a prop? It made for a fun video! The actor-model took to Instagram to share the video, in which he was seen doing pull ups using the branch of a tree; Take a look.

In the caption, he wrote: “Most difficult place to fight lazy must be Goa… but you got to be [fit] for just that minute, at least.”

Soman demonstrated the exercise which one can do for 30 seconds. He also thanked the “tree for being there”, along with the “crows [that] don’t sound happy”.

“…you gotta do what you gotta do! That’s life,” he concluded the post.

If you are looking for an easy exercise, you can try pull-ups, which work on your arm and shoulder muscles, making them strong. As demonstrated in the video, you can begin slowly and try for 30 seconds at first, before you increase the duration.

What do you think of this interesting and natural workout session?

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