The 20-minute workout: Full body workout in just four moves

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Take the decision-making out of your next workout (Picture: Getty/

Ever struggle to think of what to do in the gym?

After the classic moves – squats, burpees, sit-ups – what should you do next? It can be hard to keep thinking of new fitness inspiration and you can end up hitting a slump.

Well, the good news is you can still have a really effective workout – even with just four exercises.

In fact, personal trainer and owner of Breathe Fitness Anthony Mayatt, has shared an exclusive workout that only requires you to do four moves, and repeat them. Which is great news if you struggle to remember what comes next.

‘This is a simple full-body workout – where equipment is recommended but you can do it with pure bodyweight if preferred,’ Anthony tells

‘There are only four exercises to complete, but the workout will be repeated again and again – with various repetitions.’

The movements are as follows:

  • Jumping squats
  • shoulder press
  • Lunge with rotation
  • plank keys

‘If you have any weights or resistance bands then you can use those with the shoulder press and lunge with rotation, but that’s optional,’ Anthony adds.

Simple four exercise full-body workout

The workout can be done in one of two ways, depending on how hard you want to work.

Perform all four exercises for 10 reps – then repeat for 9,8,7 etc. until you complete 1 rep each.

If you want a harder workout, start at 1 and build up to 10 so you do more reps each round.

Jumping squats

Stand with your feet roughly hip width and drop your hips back and down as if sitting in a chair.

Squeeze glutes and push up into a jump through the heels then land straight into the next squat.

shoulder press

Working on shoulders in this age is important for women

Engage your glutes as you press (Picture: Getty/iStockphoto)

Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart holding weights or a band at shoulder height.

Engaging the glutes press straight up overhead controlling the resistance up and down. If bodyweight only then place the hands shoulder height but pulling the elbows back to retract the shoulder blades.

Press the hands upwards and back at the same time to keep the shoulders under tension.

Lunge with rotation

Stand upright holding a weight/med ball just in front of the chest.

Take a step forwards with the right foot then drop the back knee down into a lunge. From here rotate to the right over the front knee, rotate back to front and step back to a standing position swapping legs and repeating always rotating over the front leg.

To increase difficulty extend the arms further away from the body.

plank keys

Three woman in a sunny outdoor environment Planking

Get tapping (Picture: Getty)

Lay on your forehead with elbows stacked below shoulders and forearms flat on the ground.

Lift into a straight line with only forearms and toes on the ground and this is the starting point.

One repetition is reaching your right arm out to the side and tapping the floor then returning it and swapping arms, then doing the same with your feet tapping to the sides.

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