Did I Miss a Better Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment?

In March, I shared a case of a woman with diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy to highlight issues of pain management in primary care. To recap: Maria, age 68, had been experiencing burning pain sensations in her feet and ankles for the past 3 years. I decided to prescribe duloxetine, and I asked for and received feedback … Read more

LGBTQ+ Docs Often Not Compensated for Extra Work

LGBTQ+ people in academic medicine are doing the legwork ― showing up at conferences, speaking, presenting, and educating ― but rarely are they paid for their time and expertise. Often being the only LGBTQ+ people in their respective spaces, there isn’t anyone else to do it, so it is expected of them. It’s part of … Read more

Gender-Inclusive Language Is Key to Transgender Patient Care

When Micah Ballard moved to St. Louis a few years ago and established care with a new dentist, the last thing he was worried about was having to justify his identity. Going into a dentist’s office, the most one should have to think about is cavities or flossing, not defending your rights. But for transgender … Read more