Academic surveyors find 56% of consumers anticipate better healthcare through AI

More than 40% of Americans are generally OK with the thought of AI reading their chest x-rays. Moreover, some 12.3% are very comfortable with the prospect. However, only 6% are well at ease with the notion of a cancer diagnosis coming from an algorithm, and just over a quarter are only “somewhat comfortable” with that … Read more

Salem College changes curriculum to focus on Health Leadership

The pandemic forced millions of American women out of the workforce. It also shone a light on the health care industry and its lack of diversity in leadership. Salem College is trying to change the narrative, preparing its graduates in new ways to set them up for success. In honor of its 250th anniversary, Salem … Read more

9 Mental Health Predictions In The Post-Pandemic Workplace

The rise of mental health issues in the workplace has led more companies to prioritize employee … [+] wellness in 2022. getty May is mental health awareness month, and mental health issues among American workers have been on the rise since the start of this year. The pandemic has been the most traumatic event that … Read more

Seven Clinicians Graduated from First SUNY Clinical Leadership Academy |

Seven faculty from the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University graduated from the first-ever SUNY Clinical Leadership Academy, which aims to support the development of high-potential physicians to serve as physician leaders who will then support SUNY’s academic medical centers. The SUNY Clinical Leadership Academy officially launched on June 8, 2021, and concluded … Read more

The ‘Privilege’ of Unpaid Work in Academia: Friend or Foe

A job posting about an unpaid assistant adjunct professor position in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles caused a recent upheaval in the academic community. The position required applicants to have a PhD in chemistry or biochemistry, previous teaching experience at a university level, as well as three … Read more

Why Leaders Need To Prioritize Their Team’s Mental Health

Mental health is having its long overdue moment in the workplace. More and more people have come to recognize just how significant of an impact anxiety, depression, burnout and other mental health issues can have on an individual’s well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic brought many of these issues to the forefront, in part because it revealed … Read more

Determining PA Scope of Practice Using EPAs

In the ongoing conversation about physician assistant/associate (PA) practice, there is a theme of understanding when an individual provider can see specific patient populations and various complexities. Determining when PAs can be expected to make diagnoses and treat a patient population based on their education and experience is key to granting a scope of practice. … Read more