Lori Harvey Dragged By Twitter After Explaining Her Diet & Exercise Regimen

Lori Harvey is all about her fitness. After seeing how stunning (and in shape) Lori Harvey looked at the 2022 Met Gala, many of her fans were quick to ask the model to drop her workout and diet routine so that they could achieve their aspirations of looking more like her. While she doesn’t usually … Read more

Preity Zinta Slays Squats, Shares Video While Working Out With Shikhar Dhawan

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Hula Hooping for Fitness Is a Thing (and Why You Should Try It)

Photo: Yellowj (Shutterstock) You may know how to hula hoop like a pro, but did you know that you can put those skills to work as part of the latest social media fitness craze? This week, pop-sensation Lizzo went viral on Tik Tok for duet-reacting to a video of one of her fans dancing to … Read more

Genesis Health Clubs buys Wichita’s two Vasa Fitness sites

Rodney Steven II, center in white shirt, and his Genesis Health Clubs have acquired Wichita’s two Vasa Fitness gyms and will rebrand them with the Genesis name and look. When Vasa Fitness entered the Wichita market in 2018, the chain billed itself as an inexpensive place to work out. Now, Genesis Health Clubs has purchased … Read more

Supernatural VR Makes Working Out More Accessible Than Ever

Gyms have never been my friend. Like, presumably, 99.3 percent of the adult human population, I hate working out. I scrutinize myself in gym mirrors, berate my form and technique, and imagine each and every person in any fitness space secretly laughing at me for even attempting to breathe their smoothie-fueled, protein-powder-laden air. I tell … Read more

New Wearable Tracks Your Alcohol, Sugar, and Soreness Levels with Microneedles

Imagine a future where, after a night of bar-hopping with friends, you can whip out your phone, consult a smartphone app connected to a wireless device stuck to the side of your arm, and find out exactly how hammered you are. It sounds like something you might see in the first couple minutes of a … Read more

Avoid These 5 Weekend Habits That May Sabotage Your Plan

Weight-Loss: Generally, after five exhausting days at work, you are more likely to spend your time in bed watching TV or eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant. This is basically how the ordinary urban working population spends their weekends. So, what exactly happens over the weekend that leads to weight gain on Monday … Read more

Pa. mom’s fitness studio outgrows her garage

RICHBORO, Pa. (WPVI) — “I was never into fitness,” said Angela Berghaier. “I didn’t like the sweat. I actually was born with a heart condition. I just never liked it.” Clearly, something changed for the mother of four who now owns her own fitness studio. “Being a stay-at-home mom, I just felt like, throughout the … Read more

Is the Peloton Guide – the company’s new strength-training device – a worthy gym replacement?

The sleek Peloton Guide costs $395 and focuses on strength-training instead of cardio.Handout When the world shut down in March, 2020, my family made popular pandemic investments to cheer us up including a puppy and Peloton Bike (no air fryer as of yet). On cold winter days, I’d wake up with grand plans to ride … Read more

Sales Are Booming, But Activity Is Plummeting. Why?

Worldwide sales of fitness trackers increased from US$14 billion in 2017 to over $36 billion in 2020. The skyrocketing success of these gadgets suggests that more people than ever see some value in keeping tabs on the number of steps they take, flights of stairs they climb , time they spend sitting, and calories they … Read more