Running to the Top: Exercise and Mental Health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! We’ve probably been given this advice or know of others who have been given this advice time and time again… to eat healthier, and more important, to exercise. While exercise is not necessarily the cure-all for the world’s infections and diseases, it plays an important role in … Read more

Top Three Modifiable Factors That Raise Your Risk For Dementia

Certain lifestyle factors can sway the risk of dementia, and a new study points to the top threats to Americans these days: obesity, physical inactivity and lack of a high school diploma. Researchers found that in just the past decade, there has been a shift in the most important modifiable risk factors for dementia in … Read more

How to break through a weight-loss plateau

When you lose weight, your body burns fewer calories at rest and during physical activity than it did before.Getty Images/iStockphoto Q: Since January, I’ve lost 15 “pandemic” pounds. I have more to lose but my weight loss seems to be stuck now. What gives? Weight-loss plateaus are a normal, but frustrating, part of losing weight. … Read more

Farm fitness coach wins WA AgriFutures rural women’s award with clients as far as Solomon Islands

Farm fitness coach Louise O’Neill has won the 2022 AgriFutures rural women’s award for Western Australia. Key points: Ms O’Neill supports isolated farmers’ mental and physical health with daily classes She says farmers are refocusing on health after going “full throttle” and burning out The mother-of-two will represent WA as a finalist in the national … Read more

COVID-19 Infection Has More Than 50 Long-Term Effects

MADRID, Spain — Clinical experiences in approaching COVID-19 from different perspectives, results obtained by various therapeutic options and, above all, the challenges posed by a new healthcare reality — long COVID — were all the focus of a recent discussion at the 7th International Congress of the Spanish Society of Precision Health. In this forum, … Read more

Soha Ali Khan reveals 5 superfoods she wears by eating on empty stomach | Health

Fans and fitness enthusiasts can vouch how Bollywood actor-writer Soha Ali Khan kept everyone glued to her robust yet fun core workout sessions in daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu’s playroom all throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns and beyond. Last year in August, Soha had revealed, “I have taken my core for granted my whole life, until now. … Read more

Health tips to keep track of your fitness as work-from-office is back | Health

The Covid-19 times saw businesses asking workers to stay home, schools shutting and testing sites with long lines snaking around city blocks amid the health care crisis but in the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, countries have been pushing forward with plans to reopen, seeking to balance containing the virus with keeping people and … Read more

Strength exercise: Just 1 in 20 adults in England are doing enough

A survey suggests only one in 20 people aged 19 to 64 are meeting England’s strictest weekly strength exercising guidelines Health May 4, 2022 By Jason Arunn Murugesu Strength exercises are important for your health Thomas Barwick/Getty Images The latest thinking is that strength exercises are important for health, but just one in 20 people … Read more

4 Simple and easy ways to lose belly fat

Even people with perfect abs have some belly fat. That’s perfectly normal. However, excess belly fat can harm your health in ways that other types of fat do not. While you should never feel compelled to lose weight, losing belly fat is an admirable goal because it is unfortunately the most dangerous location to store … Read more

Liteboxer VR Elevates the Bare-Knuckle Boxing Experience for Fun-Filled Fitness Session (Review)

While The Matrix became one of the most definitive films of our time exploring virtual realities, the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment has only expanded since the groundbreaking 1999 offering. Immersive reality has since grown into a force well beyond movies to benefit education, science, health and wellness — the latter … Read more