Recent Deaths of Female College Athletes Bring Attention to Mental Health

In 2021, sports fans around the world learned about the issue of women’s mental health in sports from Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka. Osaka is a champion Japanese tennis player. But last year she said she did not want to talk to news reporters at the French Open tennis competition. After her first match, Osaka … Read more

Study shows greater increase in depression and anxiety in minorities during the pandemic – News

While the mental health of many Americans worsened during the pandemic, a recent UAB study found the increase in depression and anxiety symptoms was greatest within Black, Hispanic and Asian communities. While the mental health of many Americans worsened during the pandemic, a recent UAB study found the increase in depression and anxiety symptoms was … Read more

Mental health matters: What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a mental health problem that is caused or prompted by a traumatic and scarring incident. Contrary to popular belief, it is not essential for a person to have experienced a terrible incident for PTSD to emerge; merely seeing such an event can “mess you up.” People often associate the … Read more

Study identifies an underlying cause of opposition to equality-enhancing policies

Most Americans say they want a more equal society, yet policies aimed at increasing equality for disadvantaged groups in higher education, corporations, government, and elsewhere continue to generate backlash. This backlash has been blamed on a range of causes-; including majority white Americans’ fears of losing their status, political partisanship, and overt prejudice. A study … Read more

County considers ARPA funding for mental health services | News

The Morrison County Board of Commissioners is examining how it can allocate American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds to improve mental health services in the county. During the past two weeks worth of Board planning sessions, Health and Human Services Director Brad Vold, along with supervisors Jeff Bowman and Melanie Erickson, presented options to the … Read more

Dallas Nonprofit Urges Mental Health Awareness – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A North Texas nonprofit is reminding the community that it offers training to help identify when someone might be struggling with mental health issues. Nonprofit Communities in Schools of the Dallas Region is calling for mental health awareness following the death of a DeSoto ISD graduate that is renewing calls for mental health awareness and … Read more

Lack of youth mental health resources creating crisis

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Lisa Dansby Williams loves connecting students in need with mental health resources. “It’s just been hard for many of the students and their families to navigate some of the resulting issues of the pandemic, whether that be domestic violence within the family, homelessness, maybe mom, dad lost a job,” she said. … Read more

Here Are the Signs You Might Have Adult Dyslexia (and What to Do About It)

Photo: Farknot Architect (Shutterstock) Most dyslexic people are diagnosed in childhood, but the disorder can be overlooked and remain untreated into adulthood, which can lead to a different set of symptoms and struggles. There’s more to dyslexia than the common assumption that it simply makes people mirror or flip letters in their brains. Numerous other … Read more

HBCU medical schools to tackle organ transplant disparities

A new initiative aimed at increasing the number of Black Americans registered as organ donors and combating disparities among transplant recipients was announced Thursday by a coalition that includes the four medical schools at the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities. The collaboration follows a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report, “Realizing the … Read more

Mental health mobile response team has positive impact during first year in Hillsborough County schools

article TAMPA, Fla. – District leaders increased mental health services for Hillsborough County school students this year. Noticing the impact of COVID-19, the district added an additional 100 therapists and invested $1.4 million to create a mental health mobile response unit. The partnership with Gracepoint Health allows counselors to respond to schools when a student … Read more