Academic surveyors find 56% of consumers anticipate better healthcare through AI

More than 40% of Americans are generally OK with the thought of AI reading their chest x-rays. Moreover, some 12.3% are very comfortable with the prospect. However, only 6% are well at ease with the notion of a cancer diagnosis coming from an algorithm, and just over a quarter are only “somewhat comfortable” with that … Read more

Who is Europe’s most influential tech person? – POLITICS

Europe has set rules for the digital world. Now it needs to convince the world’s most powerful tech firms to follow them. The European Union is shaping a regulatory model to govern the rules underpinning the new economy. In the past year it has rapidly rolled out new rulebooks on digital competition, platform regulation, cybersecurity, … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Uses For Emotional Well-Being | Sidhharrth S Kumaar

A form of technology originally recognized in 1956, artificial intelligence (AI), has begun to drive a potentially profound shift in how mental illness is detected, diagnosed and treated. The recent boom in the use of telemedicine has accelerated AI’s influence. However, while several prominent sectors of society are ready to embrace the potential of AI, … Read more

The digitization of drug research and development – ​​POLITICO

The impact of innovative technologies in health care has been significant in recent years. Throughout Europe, digital health solutions are becoming accessible and increasingly popular among patients, providers and researchers. Wearables and sensors integrated in mobile phones or other portable devices are allowing the population to monitor their health or be monitored by their physicians … Read more

AI Predicts Cardiac Arrest Risk Better Than a Doctor

A new artificial intelligence approach can predict if and when heart patients might die of sudden cardiac arrest far more accurately than a doctor can, and could improve survival rates, according to its developers. “Sudden cardiac death caused by arrhythmia accounts for as many as 20% of all deaths worldwide and we know little about … Read more

With Peloton Guide, the Fitness Company Bets Big on Body Tracking

No, and yes. But Peloton has plans for the Guide and the new software experience that comes with it. The company wants to count your workout reps, study your progress over time, see which areas of the body you’re fatiguing more than others. It wants to expand its tracking tech to other “modalities,” which means … Read more