Normal Council hear presentation on county’s Mental Health Action Plan

NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Thursday, the Normal Town Council listened to an annual presentation from McLean County leaders, as part of an intergovernmental agreement that shares tax dollars with McLean County for the county’s special mental health and public safety fund.

During the presentation, they learned how those shared tax dollars have been spent in the past year.

Cassy Taylor, McLean County Administrator, stated resources are being used toward the county’s criminal justice database, behavioral health services in the community, criminal justice services to promote behavioral health in the jail system, as well as funding for the expansion of the law and justice center.

Some members of the council were concerned that the fund still had around $13 million dollars in reserves, Taylor said that’s because the county is anticipating needing those dollars in the coming years, to improve their Electronic Integrated Justice System, the records system database for the entire county’s justice system.

“If we’re going to revamp our system, we wanna do it right, and we want to make it available to all of our law and justice center partners including our rural communities in McLean County,” said Taylor.

Taylor said they expect the Electronic Integrated Justice System to cost anywhere between $30-35 million.


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