Nashville leaders launch song contest centering musician mental health

Shamender Talwar, co-founder at The Unity of Faiths Foundation, spoke at the launch of the Liberpool International Song Contest in Nashville, Tenn.  on Monday May 9, 2022.

An international songwriting competition connecting musicians and mental health support kicked off at the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville Monday with speeches from Mayor John Cooper and a livestream with a joint event in Liverpool, UK.

The Liverpool International Song Contest is celebrating it’s second season this year by connecting two music cities with “The Road to Nashville.” Organized by The Unity of Faiths Foundation, Visit Music City and the Liverpool city council, the event launching the song competition aimed to put mental health awareness at the focus while celebrating songwriters and musicians internationally.

Competition organizer and TUFF co-founder Shamender Talwar said there is no more important time than now to support musicians’ mental health with the tragic death of Naomi Judd in April.

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