Mt. Pleasant Police Department, RISE Agency Introduce New Mental Health Advocate

A new position in the Mt. Peasant Police Department will help those suffering from mental health issues.

Crisis Intervent Cold5 033000 00 30 25still001The new position—Social Crisis Advocate—is a one year pilot program to help those in crisis situations.

The advocate will respond on scene of an incident and connect victims of crime, those struggling with mental health, or those with substance abuse issues with resources they need.

“That’s what makes this a little different,” said licensed therapist and new Social Crisis Advocate Krysta Carabelli. “It’s not just, ‘We’re referring this to you, can you connect them with resources’, it’s an on-scene response.”

This is the result of an expanding partnership between the City of Mt. Pleasant and RISE—an agency that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The goal of this new position is to be a face-to-face responder to crisis situations.

“I’m really hoping to get people connected to, not only the safety aspect of things with law enforcement, but the compassion side of things, too,” said Carabelli. “They know somebody’s there validating what they’re going through, they can hear that it’s normal to have these responses, and what we can do to work

Carabelli hopes to eventually grow this program from a one person position to a whole team.

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