Milind Soman shares keys to stay fit, minimize risk of injury: ‘Regularity of natural movement and moderation’

Milind Soman’s Instagram is replete with pictures of his interesting workout sessions. The 56-year-old is mostly seen running, cycling, doing push-ups and pull-ups, in the most natural setting, away from the chaos of city life.

But the actor-model is aware of his age, and that with every passing year, the muscles in the body get weak. As such, they need constant care and attention. He took to Instagram to share a picture of his running session on a beach, sharing tips on how one can avoid injuries.

“The keys to minimizing the risk of injury are regularity of natural movement and moderation,” Soman wrote. “I don’t run every day, but I exercise for 15-20 minutes every single day, so that I can do whatever I want without getting injured,” he continued.

The model explained that as we grow older, we “naturally get weaker”, and that the only way to avoid getting weaker is “regular, moderate exercise of basic faculties like strength and mobility”.

“In my opinion, the best exercise for overall health and fitness is the Surya Namaskar — it can be as easy or difficult as you make it, and can help you to strengthen parts of your body that are inherently weak,” he wrote in the caption, which accompanied a photograph in which he was seen in a green t-shirt with the word ‘sherpa’ written on it.

He concluded the post by writing that the “basic objectives of exercise are”:

1. Good blood circulation, and
2. Being able to move and use your body the way you want.

He also used the hashtags “#health”, “#happiness”, “#love”, “#life”, “#running” and “#exercise”.

Are you looking to start your fitness journey? This post will definitely motivate you!

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