Local training program Club 7 aims to enhance athletes’ physical, mental health

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Club 7, a training program for Valley athletes, opened up its first facility Saturday afternoon in Boardman.

“A blessing,” Club 7 owner and CEO Antonio Page said. “Our motto is ‘Love and trust the process and a reward is guaranteed.’ So, we are the living proof of that.”

Club 7 has been working with athletes since 2013. Training sessions were previously held anywhere that had the space.

“We would basically be going to the high school turf,” Boardman wide receiver Cam Thompson said. “Indoors, we would go to the WATTS. I went to Niles for a little bit, so him having our facility is really good.”

Club 7 works with athletes of all ages. Its mission is to enhance not just the physical well-being of its members, but also the mental. Club 7 recently partnered with a mental therapist.

“We’ve seen that that was a need, and a lot of kids didn’t understand or know about that because they thinking physical, Page added. “’I need to go out there, score touchdowns or hit a home run.’ So we thought that that would be important for us to bring that to our company.”

Club 7 is home to many local standouts, including a pair of Boardman seniors. Kentucky commit Sean O’Horo and Eastern Illinois commit Cam Thompson both train at Club 7 ahead of their college seasons.

“I learned a lot of stuff with Coach DT,” Thompson said. “And he’s shown me where my foot supposed to be placed in during routes and stuff, so”

“Speed ​​stuff, agility, speed,” O’Horo added. “Just working on my starts and stuff and just getting ready for college.”

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