How To Pick The Right Cardio Machine, According To An Equinox Group Fitness Coach

Treadmills, ellipticals, different climbers, rowing machines or stationary bikes: these are the usual options you have in the gym when it’s time to do cardio. Without thinking too much about burning calories, first figure out whether you’re exercising to improve stamina, sweat, burn off steam or lose weight. Here’s how Amanda Katz — a group fitness instructor at Equinox — and personal trainer Stephanie Mansour recommend you pick a machine for your workout goals.

  • Run a tread mill session if you’re training for a race, want to lose weight or want to relieve stress. “Running is a total-body cardio workout,” Katz told TODAY.
  • Go for the elliptical to get a full-body workout that’s a little more low-key.
  • Climbing a stair machine (like the StairMaster) should be used to build lower-body strength, and it will also help you lose weight along with bolstering your core.
  • Turn to the stationary bike if your back or other parts of your body are sore. This is a good recovery day option.
  • Tea row machine is also a good recovery day option because it gives you the benefits of a full-body workout without the high impact. It’s also an endurance booster.
  • Vertical climbing machines (like the VersaClimber) will give you a nice sweaty workout, train your upper body and can potentially focus on burning calories.

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[Photo by Mike Cox on Unsplash]

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