Gainesville resident, Harvard medical student chosen for fellowship

Gainesville resident Jennifer Kizza has joined a groundbreaking program for medical students and early career physicians.

Kizza, a student at Harvard Medical School, is one of 14 medical students chosen for the 2022 medical program of the Fellowships at Auschwitz for the study of Professional Ethics (FASPE).

Now in its 12 year, FASPE provides a unique historical lens to engage graduate students in professional schools as well as early-stage practitioners in six fields (business, journalism, law, design & technology, medicine, and seminary) in an intensive course of study focused on contemporary ethical issues in their professions.

The FASPE medical program provides a holistic curriculum that looks beyond the specifics of formal rules to focus on ethical problems faced by doctors in the various settings in which they practice. Fellows participate in a two-week program in Germany and Poland that uses the conduct of physicians in Nazi-occupied Europe as a way to reflect on medical ethics today.

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