Fight between senior citizens breaks out at Bedok ActiveSG Gym

A fight that allegedly broke out in Heartbeat @ Bedok ActiveSG Gym on April Fool’s Day between two senior citizens has gone viral on TikTok.

As Covid-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted, indoor gyms and indoor fitness or health studios are seeing life being breathed into them again. But brisk business for Gyms may mean squabbles easily breaking out because of a large number of customers who want to use the limited equipment to exercise. And that is probably what happened at Heartbeat @ Bedok ActiveSG Gym on April Fool’s Day.

In a short clip uploaded on TikTok, two senior citizens, one in gray and another wearing gloves, were filmed going at each other’s throats. The video starts off with the glove-wearing senior citizen squaring up and shouting incoherently to the older man in grey.

Although no punches were thrown and no heads were smashed, the senior citizens could be heard swearing at each other ferociously, daring each other to fight. The senior citizens were eventually broken up by the staff at Heartbeat @ Bedok ActiveSG Gym.

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The TikTok video of the scuffle has gone viral with about 4,000 shares and 9,000 comments. According to some TikTok users, the senior citizen in gray is a troublemaker and has been harassing Gym-goers there for some time.

The video of the scuffle drew some funny comments from fellow TikTok users.

“Two add together 100 plus still want to fight.”

“Talk talk only …won’t fight the..”

“His cardio not bad… shout at his top for so long…”

“Uncles needs the adrenaline rush”

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For those who need a fight, there are some fight Gyms in Singapore. The Shogun Fight Gym for example, teaches students the fundamentals of various martial arts disciplines. There are also the Mixed Martial Arts Gym and the Boxing Gyms which are scattered in different places throughout the island.

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