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Cholesterol are waxy substances present in the body which help in building healthy cells. However, they are to be kept in a limit. In case the body gets high cholesterol, it starts developing fatty deposits in the blood vessels, High cholesterol also increases the risk of heart diseases. Hence, cholesterol of the body should always be kept on check. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee addressed the issue of high cholesterol on her Instagram post and busted the myth concerning eggs giving high cholesterol.

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Eggs, which are an extremely nutritious food item, is loaded with health benefits. They consist of protein and amino acids and are good for developing the eyesight. She also stated that based on numerous studies, it is safe to say that eggs do not increase the risk of heart diseases. Anjali further pointed out the health benefits of eggs in her post. She wrote that eggs, besides having the best quality protein, also help in regulating blood sugar. Eggs are recommended to be consumed by the ones suffering from low blood sugar and Anaemia as well.

Calling eggs healthy to be consumed, Anjali added that cholesterol found in food are healthy in itself. It gets harmful only when it gets oxidised, in the form of dried eggs found in cake mixes, processed foods, dehydrated milk and processed meats. The oxidized cholesterol found in these food items cause clog in the arteries and further health-related problems.

Anjali Mukerjee, who is known for sharing health-related information and helpful tips on her Instagram profile on a regular basis, busted the myth of eggs and cholesterol in the recent post. She further recommended that one egg can be consumed on a daily basis by the people who have normal cholesterol level in their body. However, she further added that people should lead a healthy lifestyle in order to keep their cholesterol in check.

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