CrossFit Athlete Dani Elle Speegle Enjoys Sauna Time In Bikini

Dani joined fellow CrossFit athlete Alec Smith and his team for a recovery session which she says she’ll miss. Going by the skull and laughing emojis she posted behind the statement, “My face tells the story of how much I liked the ice bath part…..😂😂💀,” it’s safe to assume the model was sarcastic in her declaration of the newfound love. We can, however, ascertain she enjoyed the cool off in the Sauna afterward way more than her Ice Bath.

Swipe to see her reactions.

Dani isn’t afraid to flaunt her thick-toned body in a bikini despite fielding trolls from her comment section. The 29-year-old penned a lengthy message encouraging women to continue defying norms and breaking boundaries if it means embracing their bodies.

“Some of my favorite messages I get are from women who say that I’ve given them confidence in their own bodies. The “I wear shorts to the gym now because I’ve learned to love my thick thighs.” The women who say “I took my shirt off for the first time in the gym today. The “I love my body” messages. The “I love my legs” messages. The “thank you for helping me love myself” messages.” she started.

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