How Much Does Therapy Cost?

It depends. Some therapists submit claims to insurance companies the way other doctors and clinicians do, and they may work only with certain plans. Other therapists will ask you to pay for services up front and then submit the claim to your insurance company yourself to get reimbursed for all or part of the service. … Read more

What Is a Therapist? Psychologists, Social Workers, and More, Defined

Social workers assist people by helping them cope with issues in their everyday lives, better manage their relationships, and solve personal and family problems, according to the National Association of Social Workers. Social workers can diagnose mental health conditions, and provide talk therapy, but cannot prescribe medication for mental health. A key distinction between them … Read more

Roundup: Japan gives $1M funding to enhance maternal, newborn care in Cambodia and more briefs

Japan delivers $1M funding to enhance maternal, neonatal care in Cambodia The Japanese government has remitted around $1.17 million to the United Nations Population Fund, the UN’s sexual and reproductive health agency, to support Cambodia in ensuring its vulnerable sectors receive continuous access to maternal and neonatal care amid the pandemic. Specifically, the funding will … Read more

Boosting Cardiovascular Health in Europe – Towards More Resilient and Equitable Healthcare

BRUSSELS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic started, healthcare systems are taking stock of the lessons learned to strengthen their response and improve the health outcomes of patients across disease areas. In this context, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) CVD Network commissioned a report in collaboration with PwC on … Read more

Academic surveyors find 56% of consumers anticipate better healthcare through AI

More than 40% of Americans are generally OK with the thought of AI reading their chest x-rays. Moreover, some 12.3% are very comfortable with the prospect. However, only 6% are well at ease with the notion of a cancer diagnosis coming from an algorithm, and just over a quarter are only “somewhat comfortable” with that … Read more

Zero COVID in China: what next?

How China cornered itself into an unsustainable COVID-19 control strategy, and the slim prospects for change. Shawn Yuan reports. More than 2 years after China ended its unprecedented lockdown in Wuhan as the first COVID-19 outbreak paralyzed the central Chinese city, the Chinese Government remains adamant on sticking with its zero-COVID strategy, raising serious questions … Read more

What Is Ancillary Insurance? How It Might Benefit You

Asawin_Klabma/Getty Images/iStockphoto Ancillary insurance is a subtype of health coverage, complementing major medical insurance. It covers expenses that may not be included in a primary health insurance plan, such as vision and dental for adults, disability coverage, prescription drugs and more. For example, if major medical doesn’t cover prescription drugs, an ancillary policy probably would. … Read more