Afraid to Travel Due to Motion Sickness? Here Are 5 Nutritional Hacks

Like long drives but can’t stand the risk of motion sickness? We have you covered. You can travel in a car, boat, trading or ship. People can experience dizziness, headache, vomiting, fatigue and nausea. This takes place when the motion-sensing parts of the body sends information to the brain and it confuses it. Therefore, it becomes difficult to process things if it is in stationary or motion. All of this leads to sickness.

Taking it to Instagram, Pooja Makhija shared tips to avoid motion sicken. An excerpt from the caption read, “Our kitchen is our best pharmacy. And here are few simple hacks to ease the very bothersome motion sickness.”

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Pooja believes that motion sickness or sea sickness can be cured by keeping a few points in mind before starting the journey. Here are the tips she shared.

  1. Avoid eating a heavy meal: A heavy and spicy meal can slow down the digestion. It can also cause nausea worsen and the vomiting tendency. Having a light meal before starting the trip by a car or sailing.
  2. Drink chamomile tea: This helps in relaxing the gastric muscles and also helps in reduction of gastric acid content in the body. Chamomile tea helps in curing motion sickness.
  3. Herbs, Peppermint: Ginger, herbs and peppermint helps in reducing and controlling nausea. It also helps in reducing vomiting tendency of the body.
  4. Licorice root: Mulethi or licorice root can consumed as a tablet of 75 milligrams in a glass of water before you begin your sea travel.
  5. Peridoxin: If you are traveling for job or lifestyle, you will be traveling on sea for a longer duration of time. Therefore, it is advised to have 100 milligram of licorice root and hence, can be useful in curing motion sickness.


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