6 ways physicians say telehealth delivery can be improved

Having separate schedule blocks for in-person and telehealth visits is the change that would benefit telehealth workflows most, according to survey results released March 23 by the American Medical Association.

Between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, the AMA presented 276 physicians with a list of actions and asked which ones would improve their telehealth workflow. Here are those actions, along with the number of physicians who said they would improve telehealth workflows:

  1. Separate schedule blocks for in-person visits and telehealth visits (186)
  2. A formal process for patient check-in and check-out (171)
  3. Additional staffing resources to support workflows (159)
  4. Telehealth-specific training for members of the care team (152)
  5. Technology that provides a digital waiting room (151)
  6. Better office/exam room space to facilitate telehealth visits (96)


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