6 signs you are on autopilot mode

The psychologist advises that people start with small changes so it doesn’t feel overwhelming, adding that a “short-term goal list might help”.

“Also, going back in time and reminding oneself of what brings joy and, if you’re open to it, seek professional help.

“Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is proven to be successful as it combines a variety of techniques and tools such as meditation, a non-judgmental environment, evaluation of thoughts and even physical exercises such as stretching to connect body and mind,” she advises.

“Every situation needs to be individually evaluated and sometimes [being on] autopilot is because one feels there is no other option or it’s related to life responsibilities. But if this is temporary, one might shift gradually back into the old or new self if the situation permits.

“It’s all about evaluating the time frame and the situation – as well as each individual’s response.”

If you feel like you are struggling, the NHS has additional information on recognizing the signs and seeking help.

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